The Lowry Agency

The Lowry Agency is full service artist management/development and promotions agency. We work with musicians, actors, speakers, voice over artists, entertainment companies, music coordination/supervision for film and TV as well as MMA promotions. We strive to help our clients identify and fulfill their entertainment goals. The Lowry Agency helps clients to meet and exceed their business goals, by creating a profitable business and marketing plan, implementing the plans, handling the business formation, bookkeeping, taxes, investments, insurance, imaging, professional team building, creative inventory, SWOT analysis and career planning.

To be considered for artist management, you must have a history of paid performances and a press kit. A referral and radio exposure will help dramatically.

Musicians/Bands please submit your press kits, CD’s with a cover letter.

Speakers please submit your press kit, speaking topics with a cover letter.

Voice talents submit their resume, demo’s with a cover letter

Actors/Actresses should include resume, photos with a cover letter.

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2 responses to “The Lowry Agency

  • Lakelyn Rae

    Mr. Lowry,

    My name Lakelyn Rae and I really like your posts about the music business. My dad has had me read several of them. You really sound like you know what’s going on. That is why I thought to send you info about my band’s search for a new singer. If you come across a young, (16-20) male rock singer, please keep us in mind. We want to start playing shows again soon! We are recording our new music at a studio on Music Row, and want to record our first 5 song ep soon.

    We are a three piece band, guitar (me), bass and drums, located in Nashville. Our ages are 16 to 18. We are seeking a new singer, not scream-o, but the occasional scream is needed. We want our sound to be similar to Stained, Drowning Pool or PaPa Roach.

    The reason for the search for a new singer is that our previous singer wasn’t working as hard as the other band members, and was holding back our progress. We are looking for a guy singer. We think that our music would be better sounding with a guy singer. The fact that our old singer was a girl is not why we are looking for a new singer, but since we are searching anyway, we want to get a guy singer.

    Our current set list is a mix of covers and originals. We have 4 originals and are hard at work on others. A few of the covers that we do are, Take Me by PaPa Roach, Tear Away by Drowning Pool, Brain Stew by Green Day, Rise Above This by Seether and The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson.

    We played 15 shows last summer, at The Hard Rock Cafe several times, The Rock Bar, (we are the only under 21 band to play there), The Rutledge, The Muse, Rocketown and a few other venues. We have a “mentor-ship” with the band that won the Independent Music Associations best rock/ metal song for the year, last year. We are well known in the Nashville metal scene with both the younger and older bands, and are able to play anywhere in the area. We played a very good show in Chattanooga three weeks ago.

    We are looking for a very professional and hardworking “front person”, not just a singer. We want a great “show” when we play. We have good gear and great contacts. We are looking for someone in the 16 to 20 year age group.

    I am attaching a link to a couple of our songs, The lyrics are written, and only need someone to put them to the music. You can check out other band info and videos of some of our recent shows on our facebook page, or on ReverbNation, .

    Please email us if you know of any young, male, rock singers that are ready to sing in a band. We will hold auditions in the studio we are working with when we have some interested singers. Our email address is

    Thank you for your interest and taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Lakelyn Rae

    • David Lowry


      Thank you for the post on my blog. Please submit your band through our website and look at the submission requirements before you do. I wish you luck on the search for a new vocalist. That is a very long and time consuming project in and of itself!


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